How to take care of your well-being during crunch time

As we’re all aware, it’s February, and things are starting to pick up (maybe even more so than we may expect!) Which begs the question, how well do you deal with stress during crunch time?

The term “well being,” according to the folks at New Economics Foundation, is all about feeling good and functioning well. The UK-based charity think tank, under the Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project, released a report on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, highlighting key components of achieving optimal mental and physical wellbeing.

The report formed the basis of long-term health planning across the pond, but we think the universal truths bear repeating anywhere in the world.

1) Connect!

Connect with the people around you. Find ways to forge connections with the people in your life, whether it’d be at work, in your family or even your community and beyond. When it comes to our mental wellbeing, people and relationships matter.

2) Be Active! 

Be active! Find an activity that fits into your lifestyle and makes you feel good. Whether it’d be walking, running, dance or even yoga, it’s highly recommended that staying active or having some form of daily movement will assist in your overall wellbeing!

3) Be Mindful!

Take notice of your surroundings, the small things in life, and start bringing back a sense of appreciation! If you’re feeling the stress of the everyday, taking a moment to stop and reflect can open your mind and perspective to a myriad of things. It can help shape things into perspective, and allow you to re-organize when you’re feeling a little rattled!

4) Learn! 

Keep learning! Lifelong learning is known to boost confidence. It can also inject a little bit of fun back into your life! Sign up for classes, take on new responsibilities, set goals (perhaps a few reading goals?) and challenge yourself whenever you can!

5) Give!

Giving! Philanthropy strengthens connections in the community and builds your positive self-image when those actions are directly linked your own happiness. Giving back doesn’t have to be huge or monetary. Start small, with your time, attention or even gratitude.

Perhaps, start with one or two and see how you're feeling from there! Just remember, crisis passes and you'll always come out of a tough situation, much stronger!

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