The Job Seeker's Guide: The 5 Interview Questions You NEED to be Prepared for (and how to prepare for them!)

We've all been there, and for some of us who are newly graduated into the scene, it can sometimes be a challenge: The Interview. Here at Arlyn, we are almost always answering candidate queries on job interview tips and how one can prepare for them! These are some of our most frequently asked questions, summarized into one handy post! 

1) The question: Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your last position?

They’re looking for: Honesty, context and brevity:
The employer is looking for any potential problems that caused you to leave; if you were fired, let go of, or if your contract had come to a close. If any of the latter is true, then tell the potential employer. If you were terminated for poor performance, attendance or interpersonal issues, prepare an honest answer that addresses those issues, as it will no doubt be verified by your references.

Your Answer: 
Tell the truth and frame it in a positive way. Practice telling your story to a friend. Own your history. Provide an idea of the bigger picture of what was (or is) happening at your firm that led you to where you are today. Don’t get bogged down too far in the details of the past. Show them what you can bring in the future.

    2) The question: What are your goals?

    They’re looking for: Self-motivation, planning and commitment:
    Employers value growth and development, of both their company and their employees, so make your plans clear. If you love a defined role and wish to stay within it, there’s no harm in sharing it!

    Your Answer:
    Show that you’ve given some thought to your greater career path and set some goals on how you’ll get there. Next, tell them honestly how long you’d like to be with their organization or if you would like to grow with them. 

    3) The question: Why do you want to work here?

    They’re looking for: Conscientiousness, resourcefulness and shared values. 
    Can you see yourself working with the company because you really need a job, or because you really want this particular position? Have you researched the company and do your values align with theirs?

    Your Answer: 
    Share with the interviewer why you chose their position, what you admire about their company and how your values match theirs.

    4) The question: What is your greatest weaknesses?

    They’re looking for: Self-awareness, initiative and warning signs. 
    Keep it professional and focus on your professional skill set rather than any personality traits. Point out a weakness and follow it up with what you’re doing to address the issue and how you’ve grown from it. The interviewer is looking for any indication that you may not be fit to perform the job, so ensure that any weaknesses identified wouldn’t.

    Your Answer: 
    Be honest and direct about your weaknesses or past missteps. Detail what you’ve learned and how you would tackle the same situation again differently in the future.

    5) The question: Why should we hire you?

    They’re looking for: Skills, education and passion:The employer needs to know that you have the hard and soft skills the position demands, backed by the appropriate training. Beyond being able to perform the duties, they want to see that you’re excited to join their team.

    Your Answer: 
    Tell the interviewer about how your specific skills, previous training, interests and/or attributes would benefit the organization. 

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