The Job Seeker's Guide: Is your resume working for you? 4 tips for resume success

Feel like you're not getting any hits on your resume? Looking to improve it, spruce it up? Well we asked our own In-House HR Experts for advice! Here are four tips for resume success, especially in our uber competitive market!

Keep it consistent. 

If you’ve decided on a certain style, use it throughout the entire document. If you've dated things a certain way, stick with it! If you've listed your roles in the past tense, don't even think about changing it half way. Trust us when we say, people notice! 
Keep it clean of typos.

Typos seem to sneak in with every iteration of your document, especially if you’re tailoring your resume to each job posting or adjusting the formatting regularly. To avoid formatting blunders, try viewing the finished document in whatever editing platform you're on, and then exporting it as a PDF. Reading your resume and cover letters front and back, line by line in reverse order will help catch any typos since you’re less likely to skim acros…

The 4 Steps TODAY for tomorrow’s dream job!

Knowledge and perspective are two of the most powerful tools for positioning yourself within the marketplace. Whether you're just starting out in the workforce or looking to make a change in your career, it's important to take these steps, and the time, to do the work for you to achieve your desired career! Make the most out of your current skills and set yourself up to gain the rest with these simple initial steps!

1) Do your research
What is the typical professional development path for someone in your industry? Talk to people in the field. The more knowledge you have, the clearer your path forward will become. 
2) Read job descriptions
This might seem like a given, but it's also often overlooked! Read job descriptions in your field to understand different positions and the skills required. Even if you may be a few developmental stages away from your dream job, it’s still valuable to understand what skills you need.
3) Build a network
Write a list of friends, family or pro…

Ask Diane: "What course of studies do you advise me to take to advance my career in Canada?"

This week's question comes from a foreign trained legal graduate, looking to advance her career in Canada!

Dear Diane,

“What course of studies do you advise me to take to advance my career in Canada?”

- New to the Canadian Experience

Dear New to the Canadian Experience,

Welcome to Canada! We admire your sense of adventure in bringing your law game to a new setting! If wanting to work on the administrative side, and depending on your country of origin, you want to most importantly assess your English skills. In addition, your basic administrative skills (typing, MS Office Suite, etc.) should be top-notch. You can access any number of resources online to gain an idea of where you sit with your level of proficiency!

In terms of attending a program, I don’t know if a program or course is necessary at this stage. I think you need to first of all see how receptive firms are to your experience outside of Canada. Firms will always look at the overall package that a candidate brings t…

The Job Seeker's Guide: 5 Things to Remove from Your Resume, TODAY!

Many of our candidates come from far and wide, and the sets of rules for what is acceptable on a resume is always ambiguous because things differ from one place to another! So here's our take on 5 Things to REMOVE from your Resume, when applying for jobs in the Vancouver market (and probably all around in North America)! We've also come up with a name for our job hunting series, and we're calling it our Job Seeker's Guide!

1) Birthday/Age
We find that it’s quite common outside of North America to include this information on your resume. For our purposes?: Don't.

2) Marital status
To be quite honest, we really just don't need to know. 
3) A Long Detailed List of Interests
This is a bit of a grey area and depends on the kind of roles you’d like to land, with the more formal positions being the least appropriate platforms for oversharing. The optional “Interests” section highlights a handful of good interview conversation starters, potential commonalities, or eye-cat…

The Job Seeker's Guide: The 5 Interview Questions You NEED to be Prepared for (and how to prepare for them!)

We've all been there, and for some of us who are newly graduated into the scene, it can sometimes be a challenge: The Interview. Here at Arlyn, we are almost always answering candidate queries on job interview tips and how one can prepare for them! These are some of our most frequently asked questions, summarized into one handy post! 

1) The question:Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your last position?

They’re looking for: Honesty, context and brevity: The employer is looking for any potential problems that caused you to leave; if you were fired, let go of, or if your contract had come to a close. If any of the latter is true, then tell the potential employer. If you were terminated for poor performance, attendance or interpersonal issues, prepare an honest answer that addresses those issues, as it will no doubt be verified by your references.

Your Answer: 
Tell the truth and frame it in a positive way. Practice telling your story to a friend. Own your history. Provide an id…