The Job Seeker's Guide: Is your resume working for you? 4 tips for resume success

Feel like you're not getting any hits on your resume? Looking to improve it, spruce it up? Well we asked our own In-House HR Experts for advice! Here are four tips for resume success, especially in our uber competitive market!

Keep it consistent. 

If you’ve decided on a certain style, use it throughout the entire document. If you've dated things a certain way, stick with it! If you've listed your roles in the past tense, don't even think about changing it half way. Trust us when we say, people notice! 

Keep it clean of typos.

Typos seem to sneak in with every iteration of your document, especially if you’re tailoring your resume to each job posting or adjusting the formatting regularly. To avoid formatting blunders, try viewing the finished document in whatever editing platform you're on, and then exporting it as a PDF. Reading your resume and cover letters front and back, line by line in reverse order will help catch any typos since you’re less likely to skim across lines.

Keep it brief. 

Your resume isn’t your life story. It should be about one page per 10 years of work experience. Take the best bits and leave the rest behind. You’re giving the potential employer a sample of why they should call you in, not your life story. The end.

Keep it simple. 

If you’re applying for a job in a field that requires portfolios and creativity, then maybe show off your skills in that department, but for the rest of us, our resumes should be simple. Keep your dates on the right hand side of the document, with 12-point text (minimum 10), and trust us when we say, we don’t need to see your profile picture nor need to know if you're married. 

What else? 

At Arlyn we have faith that you’re not divulging confidential information or lying on your resumes. Not only does sharing confidential information reflect poorly on you and probably won’t help you land an interview, it puts you at risk of losing your references. Lies of any kind can easily be revealed in a background check and ruin chances of employment. Trust in your abilities and represent yourself as honestly as you can!

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