Take our Quiz!: What kind of a Team Player are YOU?

We all want a little variety in our life, whether it’d be the types of food we eat, or the different types of clothes we wear, but when it comes to the work environment, personality clashes can turn an atmosphere sour. The easiest way to empower your team is to recognize individual strengths and different approaches. We all play a different role in the workplace, and knowing your own can help build awareness of your abilities and those within your team, ultimately growing you stronger together.

Are you a Contributor, Collaborator, Communicator or Challenger?

During team meetings, I usually: 
A) Provide the team with technical data or information 
B) Keep the team focused on our mission and goals 
C) Make sure everyone is involved in the discussion 
D) Raise questions about our goals or methods 

Other team members see me as: 
A) Factual 
B) Flexible 
C) Encouraging 
D) Candid 

Under stress, I sometimes: 
A) Lose patience, bringing everyone into the discussion 
B) Complain to outsiders about team problems 
C) Overuse humour to reduce tension 
D) Communicate too directly 

A risky team contribution for me is to: 
A) Push the team to set higher performance standards 
B) Work outside my defined role or job area 
C) Provide other team members with feedback on their behavior as team members 
D) Question some aspects of the team’s work 

I believe the role of the team leader is to: 
A) Ensure the efficient solution of problems 
B) Help the team establish long-range goals and short-term objectives 
C) Create a participatory environment 

D) Bring out diverse ideas and challenge assumptions


Mostly A's: 
The Contributor: You’re task-oriented and dependable and you enjoy providing the team with good technical information and data. You do your homework and people describe you as responsible. Authoritative, reliable, proficient, and organized. Your weakness: You may appear too bogged down by the smaller details, and lack the ability to see the bigger picture or the need to bring positivity to the team climate.

Mostly B's:
The Collaborator: You’re a goal-directed member who sees the vision, mission, or goal of the team as paramount, but is flexible and open to new ideas, AND willing to work outside of your own role and share the limelight. You’re a big-picture person and people describe you as forward-looking, accommodating, flexible and imaginative. Your weakness: You may fail to revisit the mission, to give enough attention to the basic team tasks, or to consider the needs of individual needs of the other team members.

Mostly C's
Communicator: You’re a process-oriented person, and effective listener, and a facilitator in conflict resolution, consensus-building, feedback, and the building of an informal, relaxed climate. You’re a positive “people person” and people describe you as supportive, considerate, relaxed, enthusiastic and tactful. Your weakness: You may see process as an end in itself, and may not actually confront other team members. You may not even put enough emphasis on completing tasks to actually move toward achieving team goals.

Mostly D's
Challenger: You’re the team member who questions the goals, methods and sometimes even the ethics of the team. You’re willing to disagree with the leader or higher authority and encourage the team to take well-conceived risks. People describe you as honest, outspoken principled, ethical, and adventurous. Most people appreciate your candor and openness. Your weakness: You may not know when to back off an issue or recognize that you’ve become self-righteous and push the team too far.

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