The Job Seeker's Guide: 5 Things to Add to your Resume, Today!

Picture this: It's the New Year, and you're looking for change or to start fresh in your career, but your resumes are outdated and simply not getting you noticed. It needs a refresher and it needs it fast. 

That’s the gist of this viral article published on Forbes by Liz Ryan. In it, she provides key elements in a Resume that will humanize you, make your brand, illustrate your skills, achievements and make your career objectives clear. Whilst we love everything she's presented, we too have some tips and tricks on what you need to include while searching for a job within the legal industry in Vancouver! Check it out! 

1. The Locations of Your Previous Workplaces. 

Especially if you’re an international professional, remember to tell your prospective employers where some of these companies you’ve listed are located. Not all hiring managers are geography majors. Lend a helping hand! Add both the country and city if it’s not immediately obvious for the recruiters!

 2. Your Career Objectives

If you haven't got an obvious reason for applying, try having a clear career goal outlined on your resume. We will sometimes receive resumes from candidates with little legal experience, but transferable skills for the right junior position. Let us know about your career goals! We're interested!

 3. Active, direct language.

The days of the passive resume has passed, and whilst we’re split on whether or not including the first person pronoun is a great idea, we can all agree that your resume should be focused on that self promotion. Try using more active statements, put some of that charming personality back into your resume. After all, it is about you!

 4. Key achievements within each role.

If you’re a conveyancer, tell us how many files you were opening and closing each month. ICBC defense paralegals, do you have a billing number? Or, without revealing confidential information, tell us in a sentence or two the special projects or key achievements you accomplished at the firm and provide context where needed. For example: Had X role on Y team and achieved Z result. Less is more, list the big things!

 5. An explanation where needed.

So you jumped from job to job for a couple of years. Were you employed through a temp agency? Did you have a parental or medical leave unaccounted for? You don't have to reveal your life story, but if you have an explanation for what may be perceived as a red flag by employers, provide that information in a brief, direct and professional manner. We do appreciate it.

So what are you waiting for job seekers? Make these changes today! For more on our Job Seeker's Guide Series, click here!

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