5 Ways to Build Relationships at Work

If you’re like most of us, you likely spend the majority of your week at work, and probably with other people. Especially in high-stress or high-pressure jobs, there isn’t always the time or real desire to get to know say— Bob, that sits two desks away from you. Nobody's saying that you need to be close with your co-workers, but it goes without saying that enjoying your time at your workplace is dependant on building strong relationships among those with whom you share it with!

The need for a close team still exists, as studies have shown that having positive relationships in our professional sphere can benefit us both professionally and mentally.  Here are some of our favourite reminders for how to build strong relationships at work.

1) Start by asking questions!

Build a rapport with innocuous questions. It can begin with the lowest amount of effort. Maybe you don’t want to ask your co-workers what they ate for lunch every day, but showing a little interest on a harmless level builds rapport and opens the door to actually enjoying each other in a genuine way.

"Now where did you say that great Thai place was again?" 

2) Empathy is a powerful tool! 

Care about your coworkers and they may end up caring about you too. Taking an interest in personal struggles or issues happening in the lives of your co-workers isn’t being intrusive; it’s showing that some roles are better performed by humans rather than robots. So enjoy these days and the actual real life humans around you before we’re all replaced.

3) Be an active listener. 

It isn’t just a buzz phrase, active listening is skill that shows the speaker they’re not calling their thoughts out into the void. Hold off from interjecting, acknowledge what the other person is saying before offering an appropriate response, and avoid just waiting for your turn to talk. People can feel your level of engagement. Don’t make it about yourself.

4) Offer assistance. 

This is our favourite reminder, and oft-forgotten phrase among shy employees everywhere: “I’m all caught up on my work, can I help you?

5) Find common interests. 

Notice that everyone in your department is a runner? Try setting up a running club. Acknowledging common ground could, at worst, translate into small talk you both like having, and at best, lead into an event or ongoing club for the office. Have fun!

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