Development Strategies for Managers

Almost always, especially in a managerial position, we are consistently placing emphasis on the importance of facilitating team development. Whilst that is one piece of the picture, it is also important to look inwards towards personal development, self-improvement and growth as the manager and quote-unquote leader of the pack. Amongst all of the feedback that we've received from legal managers during our Fall 2017 workshop (presented in conjunction with the fantastic BC Legal Management Association), the most inherent desire emphasized was the need for more personal development in the industry. 

The following areas were identified as those in need of the most attention: 


Learn to embrace the ever-changing modern workplace including its people, technology and what's outside of your usual bubble. The more comfortable you are with adapting to changes, the more equipped you will be to understand, say the younger generation, and the more capable you will be to lead them. Pave the way! 



Like anyone in a team environment, you want to ensure that your staff are able to do a good job when a task is delegated to them. Understand when to delegate responsibilities and when it’s appropriate to allow staff to make mistakes in these situations. This will only allow them to learn from it and improve. 

(We also understand that providing feedback in some instances can be difficult, our in house counselor may be able to assist you with this!)


Deeper knowledge of the firm 

Knowing the roles, the people in those roles and the firm goals will help guide your team and ensure their actions align with the culture and vision of the firm.


Time management 

Set the example for your team. You would be surprised how many of your subordinates look up to you as an example, whether consciously or subconsciously. Create a culture of timeliness, progression and respect, teaching (subliminally) the importance of everyone else's time. 



The key to success for anyone in a leadership position, or anyone in any position, is communication. Learning to listen more actively, is a sure fire way to improve communication and mutual understanding. Ways to do this can range from taking the time to focus on your employee's query, to being mindful about our responses and ensuring that what we are saying is focused on your employee's concerns, rather than just relating or unconsciously bringing the narrative back to ourselves. 


Continuing education 

Feeling like you could learn more? Do more in the modern day workplace? Attend workshops and keep up-to-date with any relevant courses. Society is moving at a rapid pace, show your interest in keeping current and up-to-date, you would be surprised about how much of a difference this makes! 

Want more? Check back next week! 

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