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How to Provide Negative Feedback (advice from Arlyn Recruiting’s director!)

No one enjoys being the bearer of bad news. Like it or not, feedback is critical in keeping a well-run team. Our director, Stephen Danvers, founder and CEO of Arlyn Recruiting has a career built on 26 years of people management, and 16 in the legal industry. In other words, he has perfected the art of providing feedback of all varieties. Here’s what he has to say on how to navigate those tougher conversations.
First, meet in a private setting, frame your conversation around facts rather than assumptions and look for solutions.

When the employee demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, explain what you’ve seen and how it directly affects the team. Come at the issue in as non-threatening a way as possible and with the goal of gaining a greater understanding the situation.
Show possible solutions and the new outcomes possible if they choose to change their behaviour. Make suggestions and provide some ideas around how they might be able to improve their performance or avoid causing conflict…

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