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Arlyn Recruiting serves a unique market, one in which both clients and candidates are often seeking, or sharing, expertise that isn’t readily available. Arlyn has a reputation of providing both clients and candidates with honest, reliable resources within the Vancouver legal industry, thanks to its in-house experts in legal HR. Arlyn is launching this blog to share our advice and experiences on legal job searching, HR and staffing — and to learn more about yours.

Each of our weekly posts speaks to a different aspect of what we do: columns from our career coach in response to candidate questions, general career advice or commentary on the Vancouver legal market and thoughts on mindfulness and well-being through the lens of professionals living and working in Vancouver. From black and white advice on what to include on your resume to views on legal support staff retention, or lunch break getaways in downtown Vancouver, the stories are intended to spark ideas and stimulate conversation. Join us!


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